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Large-leaf Grass of Parnassus - Parnassia grandifolia
Despite its common name, Parnassia grandifolia (Celastrales - Celastraceae) is not a grass, but a perennial herb, forming clusters of slightly succulent, shiny leaves. Its large, white flowers with green veins and bright orange anthers are really beautiful.
Parnassia grandifolia is native to central and south eastern US. It grows in alkaline seeps and is an indicator of rich, old forest. 
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Photo credit: ©Alan Cressler | Locality: Ocala National Forest, Marion Co., Florida, US (2010)


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Students sitting for an exam in Afghanistan.


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The most beautiful part of a man’s body I think it must be there, where the torso sits on and, into the hips, those twin delineating curves, feminine in grace, girdling the trunk, guiding the eyes downwards to their intersection, the point of pleasure. Duane Michals, 1986


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"Seen through porthole, a fetus, attached by umbilical cord to placenta floating above it, gets oxygen through skin from surrounding fluid. Hand at left is adjusting valve to let in nutrients."